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The wwe talk show!!!!

and heres your hosts, the queen of insanity her self, taiiiiiilooooow diaz!

A woman with long reddish-brown hair runs out does a peace sign and sits down

Tailow : hey people!

And the evil gothy emoish -take-over-the-world badassed chick grimette!

A woman with long black hair runs out and does the sign of the devil then sits down next to tailow

Grimette: hey!

Tailow: who are we having on tonights show grimmi?

Grimette: rvd ,and ive told you a gazillion times not to call me that!!!!!!!

tailow looks frighted of grimette

tailow: ok sorry your the man!

Grimette: yes i am.......wait a minute!!!!

Tailow: um moving on heres our guest Rob Van Dam!!!

RVD comes on stage doing his thumb thing and tailow sighs staring at him

grimette rolls her eyes

grimette: oh brother....

tailow: watcha say grimmi?

Grimette: nothing......anyway......... rob van dam how ya been?

Rvd: good ...........er dudette whats wrong with tailow?

Tailow was staring at rob van dam.

grimette: nothing ignore the idiot.

tailow snaps out of it.

tailow: im not an idiot!!

rvd:......... er right....... did you two dudettes know you are strange?

Tailow: poberly..........

grimette: wow you managed to string one word to him thats a real accomplishment for you isn't it?

Tailow: i disown you, your not my sister any more!!!

grimette: thank goodness for that!

Rvd: um dudette why cant she talk to me?

Grimette: because she likes you!!! (sing-song voice)

rvd: what?? dudette how old ARE you any rate?

Tailow: 15 turning 16...........

rvd: cool, close enough.

rvd and tailow start making out live

grimette: fu** it add brake!!!

grimette walks off stage


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