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Light and dark, good and evil, love and hate, its all connected.

Life is a monotone painting

dark and light glinting

though a twisted hart

life speeding like a shopping cart

love and hate spirling out of control

i walk the streets on a lone patrol

im scared i may hurt someone

becouse my darkside has won

i feel lke dieing, sliceing my wrist

or punching someone with an iron fist

to die and be so quite, not a sound to be heard

no need to follow the herd

i cry for my lost love

the lost love that hurt me and shot me down like a dove

to sit in the front desk at school

to be loughed at behind your back and told your a fool

yet to be silent and not say a word, to hold it all back inside

to scream, to yell, yet to be silant, inside, i died

the enternal battle between good and evil, light and dark

to fight the good fight but to die with a mark

a endless circle of lies and self-hate,to cling onto something

so desperately, to cling onto whats left of love, whats left of light

whats left of the stars shining in the night

i hide from love, i hide from light, scared darkness, scared of all

shoveing those feard emotions into a ball

this is my life i must live, to be hurt, to walk that lonely street,

and to fight the good fight against my personal demons, this is me.


wwe, pyra

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